Stem Cell Therapy

Our Stem Cell Treatment Process

Allure Medical Spa specializes in the use of fat derived stem cells. With our current technology, we can harvest your own fat cells under a local anesthetic, break down the collagen that binds the fat and stem cells and then separate out a solution rich in your own stem cells.
Our Stem Cell Procedure
The process used by Allure originated in Korea and yields extremely high numbers of stem cells. Fat can be harvested from any area on your body that has an adequate fat supply, but we prefer to harvest it from the areas that will give you the best cosmetic result. The mini-liposuction, done under local anesthesia, takes less than twenty minutes. This procedure is done under strict sterility and the processing of the cells is done under a completely closed system that is not even exposed to air. Viable cells are then counted and photographed for your record.

One of our experts from our multidisciplinary staff – such as an orthopedic surgeon, interventional cardiologist or interventional radiologist – will inject the cells according to the most appropriate route. This is called “deployment.” Because it’s your own DNA material, there can be no rejection. A solution rich with your tiny stem cells are administered through injection into tissues, joints, arteries or veins. The entire procedure takes less than two hours.