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“I had the miraDry done for excess sweating. Didn’t want to raise my arms up, self-conscious. I had a reduction of 80%, no sweating after the first of 2 procedures.”

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miraDry – Reduce Excessive Underarm Sweating

What Is miraDry?

miraDry is non-invasive technology that uses electromagnetic energy to safely destroy sweat glands in the armpit region. While miraDry does deliver significant heat to the sweat glands, it also uses a cooling system to keep the upper layers of skin at a normal temperature to avoid any burns or skin damage. The treatment is non-invasive and causes very little to no discomfort.

How Does miraDry Work?

After applying topical anesthesia to the region, the miraDry handheld device is placed against the skin to deliver energy to the dermal-fat interface region, where sweat glands are found. The energy is concentrated on the sweat glands and destroys them. Simultaneously, a cooling system keeps the upper dermis and deeper tissues of the skin at a safe temperature.

The treatment takes about 60 minutes, and two treatment sessions are recommended for the best results. The time between the first and second treatment is about three months. In clinical trials, the average sweat reduction was 86 percent. In addition, the patients reported a significant decrease or elimination of armpit body odor.

What’s the Treatment Like?

miraDry treatment causes little or no discomfort and can be completed in about one hour. It is an outpatient procedure that is non-invasive and requires no downtime.

miraDry Recovery

Patients who undergo miraDry treatment can return to their regular activities the same day. Minor swelling and soreness in the treatment area is normal and subsides within a few days. Some patients may experience edema and loss of sensation in the area, all of which is considered part of the healing process. The final results and recovery are achieved within one to two weeks.

Who Is a Candidate for miraDry?

The doctors at Allure Medical Spa will determine each patient’s candidacy for this treatment. miraDry is contraindicated for patients with heart pacemakers, those who need supplemental oxygen or are at risk of allergic reactions to the anesthesia. Please talk to your Allure Medical Spa doctor to determine whether you qualify for this treatment.