Stem Cell Therapy

  • Stem Cell Therapy in Michigan

    Thank you for visiting. Many people have been awaiting a practical way to get stem cells for various conditions. This site is intended to offer information so you can learn about current options, understand what “stem cells” are, and to allow you to determine if this stem cell therapy be for you.

    The term “Stem Cells” refers to cells in your body that are lying dormant, and designed to regenerate or repair diseased tissues. “Stem Cell Therapy” refers to isolating and deploying stem cells into your body with the intention of regenerating the tissues they are designed to repair.

    Why Stem Cells?

    Your stem cells are your body’s natural healing cells. They are recruited by chemical signals emitted by damaged tissues to repair and regenerate your damaged cells. Stem cells derived from your own tissues may well be the next major advance in medicine. Allure Medical Spa has the technology to produce a solution rich with your own stem cells. Under investigational protocols these can be deployed to treat a number of degenerative conditions and diseases.

    How Can I Obtain This Procedure?

    At this time, the cost of experimental stem cell treatments is not covered by insurance companies. We believe that our research is university quality. We are patient funded and we have no source of grants or pharmaceutical company funding. Although we are a “for-profit” organization, our goal is not to patent stem cell technology for corporate profit but rather to learn the medical potential of these cells and contribute to the science of regenerative medicine. We have set our fees very reasonably to lower the threshold of access to stem cell medicine. Our fee includes harvesting, isolating cells and deployment of your own cells. Also, under special conditions, your stem cells may be cryogenically stored for future treatments.

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