Hormone Replacement

It’s time to feel better.

Hormone replacement therapy not only helps with breast cancer prevention and reducing heart disease in women, but it also improves menopause symptoms such as:


  • Hot Flashes
  • Sweating
  • Sleep Problems
  • Depressive Moods
  • Fatigue
  • Sexual Desire, Activity, Satisfaction
  • Joint and Muscle Pain
  • Bladder Symptoms
  • Bone Density
  • Irritability/Anxiety
  • Thickness, Fullness of Scalp Hair

Know your options.

You have the right to know your options to help you feel your best in menopause or peri-menopause.  And more importantly, you need to know the safety of various menopausal relief options. Explore how the drugs that have traditionally been used to treat menopause actually put women at a slight increase risk of breast cancer (among other health risks such as heart disease and blood clots).

Natural Hormones

Learn how using exact copies of your natural hormones do not cause an increased risk of breast cancer or other diseases, but in fact, reduce risks and help with prevention. READ MORE>

Say goodbye to menopause symptoms.

See how adding a third, universally neglected hormone to the mix actually reduces the incidence of breast cancer. We’ll discuss how this forgotten female dominant hormone if used alone reduces risks of breast cancer by about 50% in addition to relieving all symptoms of menopause. READ MORE >

Keep your hormones in sync.

In the video below, Allure Medical Spa’s women’s health nurse practitioner, Nicole Stapp, talks about the symptoms of hormone imbalance and how of restoring your hormones to a youthful level is imperative to your health.

Simple treatment, tiny pellet.

At Allure Medical Spa, with multiple offices in the metro Detroit area, the HRT method with the highest patient satisfaction is the testosterone pellet. Hands down, it provides the most consistent delivery of treatment.

HRT Replacement PelletsSetting the record straight.

You may have heard confusing information on how to manage menopausal or pre-menopausal symptoms. Particularly, the fact that one commonly used drug led to a slight increase in breast cancer.

A newer approach to treating menopause symptoms involves inserting a tiny pellet of human identical hormone (the size of a grain of rice) under your skin. The pellet breaks down and releases a natural hormone over a period of about 3-4 months. Then the process is repeated.

Testosterone is for girls too.

You can get away from hormone pills that increase your risk of breast cancer with this new option. One of the most neglected hormones for women, testosterone, actually appears to reduce the incidence of breast cancer by over 50%.

This hormone, delivered in a tiny pellet under your skin, protects your body and improves symptoms of menopause or pre-menopause (which means you are having symptoms but still having some periods).

Make a commitment to feel better.

Join the plan. $200 at sign up & $140/mo

To book an appointment or request more information from one of our HRT specialists email us at hrt@alluremedicalspa.com.

See how we insert a pellet.

Are there any risks?

In the largest clinical study with this hormone pellet, there were no medication-related adverse effects (over a 5 year treatment period involving over 1,200 women).



Will it hurt?

You will need a blood test, and of course, that involves drawing blood but the insertion of the pellet involves less discomfort than the blood test.

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Empowering yourself.

In Dr. Mok’s book, Testosterone: Strong Enough for a Man, Made for a Woman you’ll learn why testosterone therapy for women is a proven treatment for menopause. The book takes you on a journey that chronicles the start of hormone replacement therapy in the 1940’s and through the flawed Women’s Health Initiative in 2002 which dissuaded millions of women from seeking treatment.

In the past, estrogen was the most commonly used treatment for women, but it turns out they were missing a key hormone. Moving forward, testosterone has been proven to safely help women increase energy, sleep better and lose weight — all while cutting the risk of breast cancer and heart disease. It’s time to rethink hormones and rediscover our youth.