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Allure Medical Spa is the number one provider of Botox® and fillers in Michigan.

Botox® and fillers are top cosmetic procedures done by millions of men and women every year to maintain and restore the youthful appearance that you feel inside.

Before Botox - Example Areas

Facial aging is caused by environmental damage (sun and other exposure) and/or overgrowth of certain undesirable muscles (frown or squint), as well as deflation of the deep fat pockets of the face. By relaxing the muscles with Botox® and filling in the fat pockets, you can look on the outside the way you feel on the inside.

After Botox Treatment

Allure Medical Spa’s Magic Lift

Allure Medical Spa’s Magic Lift is a combination of Botox® and facial fillers. Botox® is used to relax the unwanted facial expression of fatigue, stress and anger and allowing your emotions of relaxed, happy and interested to come through. Fillers are placed in the deep fat pockets that shrink as we age. Many people look in the mirror and think “my skin is sagging, I’ve developed extra skin in my neck and at the corners of my mouth.” What is happening is totally different. You didn’t grow more skin, and it (for the most part) didn’t stretch out. The deflation of youthful deep fat pockets led to the skin falling!

Before and After Magic Lift

Botox Before and After Photos Before and After Images

Botox® relaxes muscles. Fillers do just like the name describes. They are used to refill deflated tissues. The most common fillers we use are Juvederm Ultra Plus and Juvederm Voluma. They are both referred to as Hyaluronans or Hyaluronic Acids (HA’s). These are copies of HA that already exists in your body, and designed to last a long time. They slowly degrade over months to years (depending on how much is used, and how many times you have it done… more filler equals longer-lasting, and repetition equals longer-lasting). There are also permanent fillers that help you build your own collagen such as Belafill, and semi-permanent options, such as Sculptra.

Brow Lift with No Surgery

All of your options for fillers will be discussed with you and your doctor based on where they are used and your preferences.


For the lower face, Botox® is used for the lines in the neck (platysmal bands), for the downturned corners of the mouth, and for the vertical lip lines. Also, individuals with a gummy smile, where they front teeth are over exposed benefit from Botox®. There are numerous other areas for cosmetic Botox®.

Gummy Smile Repaired With Botox

In my opinion, the number one reason I recommend Botox® is for a brow lift. As we age, gravity works against us. Then we have strong depressor muscles (muscles of expression that drive the face downward) and these grow over time causing a droopy brow. By injecting Botox® into these muscles (and avoiding the muscles that lift the brow), a natural brow lift occurs. Patients come to us for the wrinkles, but stay with Botox® for the brow lift.

Before and After Botox Botox Treatment for Crows Feet