Petite Breasts Before and After

A breast lift is used when the nipple and a significant portion of the breast tissue is below the infirmary fold.

A grade 1 and sometimes a grade 2 ptosis (droopiness) can be managed within an implant alone. However, when that is done, droopiness can naturally continue, and a lift may eventually be chosen. The pseudoptosis, refers to the nipple being above the fold, but much of the breast tissue being droopy. This can commonly be treated with an implant alone, but if it is significant, a lift may be chosen.

A deflated and droopy breast can be managed with an implant and a lift at the same time. It is also reasonable to do them as separated staged procedures.

Same client. The breast lift evolves over time. At first, it looks unusually shaped, but it relaxes and heals over time. The scar never goes away, but it tends to fade and is frequent.

Some women may choose to get a lift without an implant. Should she decide to get an implant later, it is still an option.