This Hormone Fights Breast Cancer

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Join Dr. Charles Mok on February 4th for a discussion on how to feel “normal” again AND reduce your changes of breast cancer. For the past decade or so, women facing menopause have been concerned about using Hormone Replacement Therapy …

Seasonal Skin Tips: Winter

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Winter weather dries out your hair, your skin, even your fingernails. Maintaining moisture through the winter is crucial to staying healthy and keeping a little bit of that summer glow through the frigid months. Whether you add a moisturizer regimen …


Technology Trends in the Cosmetic Industry

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When it comes to the latest beauty trends, often times the most popular hair styles, make-up, or even fashion styles are considered. However, the different types of procedures and technology that help assist in the beauty process and even improving …


Veins and Your Health

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They’re ever-present in your body but you’re seldom aware of their purpose and function. That is, until you encounter a slight problem with your veins. Veins are the blood vessels that carry blood from the different parts of your body …


Treatments for Sensitive Skin

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If you have sensitive skin, you know how important it is to have a solid daily skin care routine. It’s important to avoid products with harsh chemicals in favor of gentler products tailor-made for sensitive skin. Below are some great …


Thank You & Farewell Cheryl Jones!

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We wanted to take a minute to let all of you know that, effective September 2, 2014, Cheryl Jones is leaving Allure Medical Spa to relocate to North Carolina. Cheryl has been a valued employee of Allure since 2006, and …

Summer Skin Care Tips: Seasonal Skin Care

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Seasonal weather conditions can be quite the challenge for your skin. Even though summer is winding down, there are still quite a few days to be out and enjoying the bright, warm sunshine. Although the sun provides great benefits, summer …


Laser Tattoo Removal is Now Easier Than Ever

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Today, tattoos are a culturally accepted form of body art and can be seen just about everywhere. According to recent data, almost 10% of the US Population has a tattoo, but almost 50% of people with tattoos consider removal at …


Say Goodbye to Varicose Veins

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Plenty of ailments look and sound worse than they really are. Think of the froggy voice that sounds brittle but doesn’t feel scratchy, the rash that looks inflamed but doesn’t burn and the swollen gland that looks tender but doesn’t …


Determining the Right (Cup) Size for Your Body

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Most women choose to get breast implants with the goal of increasing the size of their breasts. Deciding exactly how much to increase the size can be a complex process: the majority of women want to see a significant increase …